What is IMG?

The .IMG file extension is used for three purposes. The primary one is to store a "snapshot" of a disk, but it is also used by Garmin GPS devices and some photo editing programs as a visual file format.

.IMG Basics:

.IMG files are often the extracted contents of a CD or DVD and can be burned onto a blank disc to recreate the original. They are also sometimes the archived contents of an entire hard drive and are used for making backups of your data.

Format Evolution:

Such an .IMG file was usually seen in the Apple Macintosh operating system. Since the introduction of OS X, however, it has been replaced by the .DMG file type.

Using an .IMG File Elsewhere:

In Windows and Linux, one can usually use an .IMG file by changing its extension to .ISO and viewing the file with software like InfraRecorder or IMGBurn.

Other .IMG Uses:

This extension is also used by Garmin GPS (Global Positioning System) devices. In this context, an .IMG file contains a variety of map-related data like street names and points of interest.

Rare Cases:

In rare cases, this file extension refers to a picture format used by the Graphical Environment Manager, an old interface used for Atari ST computers.

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Further Reading:

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