What is Ultra HD?

Ultra high definition television (also known as Ultra HD television, UltraHD, UHDTV, or UHD) includes 4K UHD(2160p) and 8K UHD (4320p), which are two digital video formats proposed by NHK Science & Technology Research Laboratories and defined and approved by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU).

The Consumer Electronics Association announced on October 17, 2012, that "Ultra High-Definition", or "Ultra HD", would be used for displays that have an aspect ratio of at least 16:9 and at least one digital input capable of carrying and presenting native video at a minimum resolution of 3840x2160 pixels.

Ultra HD

UHDTV Resolutions

1- 4K UHDTV (2160p) is 3840 pixels wide by 2160 pixels tall (8.3 megapixels), which is four times as many pixels as 1920x1080 (2.1 megapixels).

2- 8K UHDTV (4320p) is 7680 pixels wide by 4320 pixels tall (33.2 megapixels), which is sixteen times as many pixels as current 1080p HDTV, which brings it closer to the detail level of 15/70 mm IMAX. NHK advocates the 8K UHDTV format with 22.2 surround sound as Super Hi-Vision.555

Note: The p in 2160p and 4320p stands for progressive scan or non-interlaced.


Standards that deal with UHDTV include:

Rec. ITU-R BT.1201-1 (2004)

Rec. ITU-R BT.1769 (2006))

Rec. ITU-R BT.2020 (2012)

SMPTE 2036-1 (2009)

SMPTE 2036-2 (2008)

SMPTE 2036-3 (2010)

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