How to Scan and Erase private data

There are personal information stored in your iPhone which you may ignore or can't find them. It won't neither be deleted by manually deleting your contacts, calendars, reminders, documents, photo streams, etc. iPhone SafeEraser is designed to help you on protecting your privacy and deleting private data. To do this, follow the steps below:

Preparations you need to do:

  • Mac:Mac OS X 10.8 - 10.12
  • iOS devices
  • Others: iTunes installed
Step 1, Connect iPhone or iPad to computer

If this is the first time you connect to the computer, you need to Trust the computer firstly.

Step 2, Click Erase Private Data button

The SafeEraser will start the scanning process. It will take several minutes to finish the process.

Step 3: You may click to preview your private data

After the scanning, SafeEraser will list all of you private data including photos, messages, contacts etc.


Step 4, For search function, you may just type keywords into the search box to quickly find what you want, and SafeEraser will automatically select all of the search result for you.

Step 5, Click Erase Now button

After you've selected private files want to erase, click Erase Now button. Then a warning pop-up window show you cautions.


Step 6, If you want to change the security level, click the link to change the level. Click to read more about security level settings.

Step 7, Confirm your deletion

In case of any mistakes, you need to manually type 'delete' into the box to confirm your action. Then click Erase Now button to erase the private data.

NOTE If the cleaning is unsuccessful, here are some tips for you.
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